Grillo meets Renzi

“You represent the banks and the occult powers. You say one thing and then do the opposite the following day. You are a young man but at the same time you are old. I have made fun of you in the past and if you were offended I’m sorry. We are the conservatives, we are the opposite of you; we want water to remain public, you want to privatise it, you want to sell ENI and ENEL, you want to sell our sovereignty, we want to keep it. You talk about Europe but Europe needs to change in order to change Italy. You are not credible. Whatever you say is not credible because you represent our enemies. I came here to manifest our total indignation at what you represent, the system that you represent. We may make mistakes but what we say is consistent with what we do. You aren’t credible because you represent De Benedetti, you represent the industrialists, you represent the same people that have torn the country apart. You got together with a criminal to make the electoral law and you work with Verdini, a member of the Florence masonry. You represent the rotten system of power. It is with joy that I tell you we have no faith in you or in your system. I will no longer be democratic with a person like you.” Beppe Grillo. 19/2/2014.

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