Marco Tardelli on the Italian Cup Final

When all the politicians in the stands saw Hamsik with that man, didn’t they think of going onto the pitch or just getting the fuck out of there? Out of the stadium which by then had been transformed into an arena in which a leader of the Ultras had to be asked for permission to play and in which the national anthem was whistled from start to finish.
People should stop saying that what happened the other night has nothing to do with football. The details of the shooting are still unclear and it might have been a settling of scores but it is evident that these incidents occur on the margins of a world that needs to be completely reformed. We need tough laws. I am in England and they have defeated the hooligans here. Yesterday they were saying that Italians were ‘animals’ and I couldn’t say they were wrong. There were animals both inside and outside the Olympic stadium. You don’t make deals with wild animals, you defend yourself.
I am disgusted. The chairman of one of the most important clubs in the country lets his captain go and talk to a mug wearing a T-shirt that incites killing a policeman. It just doesn’t seem possible…The reality is that nobody does anything in Italy. No leaf stirs. Politicians distance themselves, two hours pass and we just carry on as before.
The president of the Senate showed weakness in not immediately leaving that mess…He lacked courage.
We’ve had years of discussions on the violence in the stadium and yet we are still asking ourselves how all those petards get in. In Rome on Saturday there was a terrible atmosphere, an unbearable air of blackmail. Football is used as a form of blackmail by people with well-rooted, economic interests.


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