Tsipras Responds to Mr Wicket (almost)


Last Tuesday, Tsipras did a Q&A on The Guardian. I asked him two questions.

1.  Frustrated at the lack of coverage from the mainstream media, Paola Bacchiddu, head of communications for the lista Tsipras in Italy, posted some photos of herself in a bikini saying ‘The election campaign has started and I will use any means. Vote L’altra Europa con Tsipras’.
Everybody is talking about her now and she has become a star. What is your view on her tactics?
Also, what would you consider to be a good result for your list in Italy?

2.  In Italy, who do you feel is your main rival,  PD or M5S and which do you think you are closer to in terms of policy?

Since everybody in Italy was talking about Bacchiddu’s bottom last week, I was really interested in what he thought about it. Unfortunately, he made no comment but he did ‘respond’ to my second question. Here is his answer;

In Italy we only have one opponenet (sic): the neoliberal policies implemented by the conservatives in the recent past, but also – and unfortunately – by the current social democratic government.

Judge for yourselves his answers.






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