Editor of La Repubblica Online Left with Egg on his Face



Vittorio Zucconi, the editor of La Repubblica online, seems to be losing the plot. Like many Italian journalists, one of his raison d’être is to denigrate the Five Star Movement but two of his recent attacks have left him with egg on his face.

On March 15th, Beppe Grillo went to Rho to denounce Expo 2015. Zucconi took the opportunity to tweet the following;


Se le gag provate da Grillo all’Expo sono quelle che userà in teatro abbiamo ritrovato il comico. Bene. Torneremo a ridere dopo tante lagne
6:11am – 18 Mar 14

‘If the jokes tried out by Grillo at Expo are the ones he will use in the theatre, the comedian is back. After all the duds, we will laugh again’.

Seven managers and ex-members of parliament weren’t laughing last week as they were arrested as part of a vast police investigation into corruption and mafia infiltration of Expo 2015. La Stampa led with the headline ‘Bribesville is Back’ and the 600 page arrest warrant states that those arrested were part of a “criminal ring aimed at influencing procurement” which was assisted by political protection from both left and right wing parties.

Some of those arrested were involved in the ‘Clean Hands’ operation in 1993, thus adding credence to the widely held belief that little has been done to end the systemic corruption in Italy.

Undaunted, Zucconi tweeted the following on May 10;


‘A movement of young people and failures. In fact, here are the adverts on Grillo’s blog yesterday: Rolex and false teeth’.

He linked to a screenshot of La Cosa, a site connected to Beppe Grillo’s blog, on which he saw adverts for Rolex watches and false teeth. One kind member of Twitter responded, ‘Has anyone ever explained to you that Google ads are personalised? If you see Rolex and false teeth it is because you are interested in them’.

Indeed, as most people know, Google AdSense reflects the most frequent visits of each individual user and the fact that the editor of one of the most important online newspapers in the land was unaware of this, is quite simply breathtaking.

One would hope that Vittorio could learn from these mistakes and read up on Expo2015 and how advertising on the Internet works, but it is more likely that he is still spewing bile against M5S on twitter.

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