Alzheimer’s is Contagious. By Marco Travaglio

So, the parties have nothing to do with it. They are as pure and transparent as spring water. D’Alema told us so, as did Berlusconi. “Forza Italia is in no way involved in these scandals and I do not remember Mr Matacena. He would’ve been an MP for Forza Italia twenty years ago”. And to think that they sent him to look after people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

For the record, Amedeo Matacena, son of his namesake, owner of Caronte ferries which operates on the Strait of Messina, was one of the founders of Forza Italia in Calabria. He was an MP from 1994-2001 and was saved from arrest for mafia in 1999 by both the left and the right. When he wasn’t re-candidated he started sending cryptic messages to Berlusconi; “He asked me to testify in Caltanissetta against Palermo’s Procura” and “I dragged along others that didn’t want to testify”. He also said that Dell’Utri and Previti, both of whom were in difficulty with the law, were re-candidated because they were “hiding the truth”. So he was convicted for mafia association, escaped to Dubai and was trying to join Dell’Utri in Beirut with the help of Scajola, the national coordinator of Forza Italia.

Who knows whether Berlusconi remembers Mr Frigerio. He has been convicted three times for a total of 6 years and 8 months of prison (obviously, he never served his time, just did some community service) and was an MP for Forza Italia from 2001-2006. He is currently behind bars. Or Mr Grillo (Luigi), who was elected with PPI in 1994 but then switched allegiances immediately to Forza Italia to guarantee Berlusconi a majority in the senate in exchange for a job as under-secretary. He was an MP from 1987-2008 and is now in prison for bribery in connection with Expo tenders.

It must be made clear however, “Forza Italia is in no way involved” and nor is PD. Primo Greganti, three times convicted for bribery and son of unknowns. He was born under a cabbage and a stork took him there. Yesterday, the PD quietly ‘suspended’ him because “in case of arrest or dubious conduct the rules are very clear”. In fact, they are so clear that his three three previous convictions and his three and a half year sentence for corruption and illicit financing of a political party were not considered sufficiently dubious to deny him membership, nor for Fassino and Chiamparino (both Renziani) to keep him away from their election campaigns, in which he had a leading role. “It is true”, said Fabrizio Morri (Renzi’s secretary of the Turin PD) with a straight face, “We couldn’t deny him contact with the PD or stop him from participating at events but as far as I know, he didn’t have contacts with the leaders. On a human level, I am very sorry. Greganti was trying to recover on a professional level but he was certainly doing everything for himself, not for the party”.

So, he was trying to ‘recover’ and he was doing it all for himself. Unfortunately, the police investigation reveals that it was through him that the Frigerio cupola could get to the “communist mayors”, by which they meant the PD. He contacted the leaders of the PD and Giuseppe Sala, the commissioner of Expo (another one that was never involved) to put a “friend” in the commission that awarded the public tenders. “We need to talk to Primo”, said Frigerio, “because it is a left wing council…Sala is on the left, he isn’t Pisapia’s man, he is more connected to the people Primo knows…to the PD”. Greganti confirmed this, “I have to go to Rome to talk to my friends”. Maybe they were drinking buddies since the PD has nothing to do with any of this. According to Frigerio, Greganti was “convinced we could go with Nucci” because Pier Luigi Bersani had said “he completely agreed”. This Bersani must be somebody else with the same name. Just as Burlando (namesake of the Ligurian governor) and Guerini (namesake of Renzi’s vice-secretary) and Pitella (namesake of PD euro MP) and Quagliotti (namesake of Fassino’s right-hand man, convicted along with Greganti for a FIAT bribe to the PCI). Perhaps we will also discover that Greganti is somebody else with the same name. We will end up calling him Primo, or Secondo. After which we will have to transfer the Alzheimer’s sufferers to parliament, or the MPs to a hospice. That would be the real community service.

Marco Travaglio. (Translated by Mr Wicket)

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