Francantonio Genovese on the run in Parliament


The police have issued an arrest warrant for Francantonio Genovese          (PD) who is currently ‘on the run’ in parliament while being protected by both the Democratic Party and Forza Italia. He is accused of stealing €6 million of funds from the EU which was supposed to finance courses for young people in Sicily, as well as association to delinquency, embezzlement, money laundering and fraud. Since Genovese is an MP, parliament must vote on whether he should be arrested and although the arrest warrant was issued on March 18, PD and FI seem set to continue to delay the vote and put it off until after the European elections.

Genovese started his political career in the Christian Democrat party before joining the PPI, CDU, Margherita and then finally the PD. He is the son of a senator and served as the mayor of Messina from 2005-2008. In 2007, he won 20,000 votes in the primaries, the largest number of any PD candidate.

He and his family own tens of companies (Lumen, Aram, Ancol, Enfap, Enaip, lal Training Service, L&C Learning and Consulting, Cesam, Ecap, Esofop, APindustria e Reti) which make millions in real estate, telecommunications, transport, the service industry and education. Thanks to his multitasking skills, Genovese has seen a huge increase in his companies’ profits during his time in Rome serving as an MP for the Democratic Party.

He is accused of setting up and buying companies  which then siphoned off millions of euros of EU funds by inflating the costs and inventing fictitious courses.

In reference to Expogate, Matteo Renzi said yesterday that ‘The state is stronger than the thieves’.  Perhaps in order to seem more credible, he must first get rid of the thieves in his own party and allow the police to do their job, before making other such declarations.


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