Notizia Choc. Renzi is a Liar


– I’ll never be the leader of the PD. I am the least suitable. (Renzi 6 November 2012).
– If I win, never again coalition government.. (Renzi 20 October 2013).
– Enrico Letta will be the prime minister for all of 2014. (Renzi 22 December 2013).
– There is no agreement between Letta, Alfano and me. I don’t want to be in anyway associated with them. (Renzi 29 December 2014).
– Enrico doesn’t trust me but he’s wrong. I am loyal. (Renzi 12 January 2014).
– Letta’s government must continue working for all of 2014. (Renzi 13 January 2014).
– Relax Enrico, nobody wants to replace you. Carry on. (Renzi 18 January 2014).
– Letta passing the baton on to me is not an issue. Let it be clear, I have nothing to do with this. (Renzi 5 February 2014).
– A government without elections? I will never become Prime minister without elections. (Renzi 10 February 2014).
– I will accept three ministers from the NCD but they must be new people. Alfano cannot be one of them. (Renzi 21 February 2014).

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