The Pact of Nazareno Falls Apart


We have had official confirmation this morning of what we have long known. Riccardo Nencini (Psi), Vice-Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said “Italicum was created to put the third party out of play and impose a European style two-party system…if Grillo becomes the second party in the European elections, Italicum will disappear”.

Perry Anderson, in his essay ‘The Italian Disaster’, wrote, “For twenty years, the descendants of Italian Communism sought in vain what with a handshake from Berlusconi he (Renzi) obtained in a couple of weeks”. This success now looks set to be short lived. Despite M5S winning more votes than any other party in Italy in the 2013 general elections, the secret pact between Renzi and Berlusconi was based on the presumption that PD and FI would be the two main parties in any upcoming elections. This embarrassing oversight means that their deal to ‘divide the electoral cake between them’ was fundamentally flawed and seems destined for the scrap heap, along with their constitutional reforms.

This can only be good news for Italian democracy.

Perry Anderson;

“By any standards, the new electoral system, which has passed its first hearing, is a monstrum. Not content with a premium awarding the winner nearly half as many seats again as votes obtained, it goes further even than Mussolini’s regime in the obstacles it puts in the way of any lesser party or coalition securing seats at all. In the words of the lawyer Aldo Bozzi – acting as a private citizen – whose suit eventually got a verdict of the Constitutional Court against the Porcellum, the Renzusconi is a Super-Porcellum. Even D’Alimonte, one of its own architects, has publicly doubted whether its thresholds are constitutional”.

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