New Details Emerge in Italian Match-Fixing Scandal

The two biggest names involved in the current police investigation into match-fixing in Italian football, ‘calcioscommesse’, seem to have had a stroke of luck during the forensic analysis of over 200 computers, mobile phones and tablets. Of the 56 confiscated computers, only Antonio Conte’s hard disk was irreparably damaged by the police and thus rendered ‘unreadable’. “Objectively, it is mysterious, at least from a statistical point of view”, commented one of the lawyers dryly. There was a different kind of problem with Stefano Mauri’s mobile phone which could not be analysed since he won’t tell the investigators his PIN number. Also, the clan’s man in China, Luca Burini, who along with Beppe Signori is accused of money laundering, seems to have outwitted the police by communicating in a language unknown to even Google Translate.

The police in Cremona had more success with their analysis of other peoples’ electronic devices. Erodiani and Bruni’s revealed numerous exchanges of information and vast amounts of money in bribes and winnings from match-fixing. This new information has led to other games coming under investigation, including Genoa-Sampdoria and matches involving Sassuolo, at the time managed by Max Allegri.

The next hearing in the trial is on October 29th.





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